A novelty on the horticultural market! Anti-weed and humectant substrate.

Weeds can be a nuisance, and dry soil makes it difficult to maintain healthy plant growth. Previous methods often require a lot of work and chemicals, which is not always beneficial for the environment. So, if you dream of a beautiful garden, free of weeds and maintaining proper soil moisture, get to know our new product – straw pellets, which serves as an excellent anti-weed, fungicidal substrate maintaining proper hydration. Here are its advantages:

In addition, the protective cover layer provides better retention of moisture in the soil. This is a main advantage during the hot and dry summers we have experienced in the recent years.

Moreover, the pellets also form an insulating layer. This keeps perennials and flower bulbs better protected during periods of frost. It also protects plants from snails, which have a difficult time moving through the pellet layer.

Our anti-weed substrate is an innovative approach to garden care. Thanks to a special production process, this product is not only extremely efficient, but also environmentally friendly. In addition, it is very easy to dose and apply, which is why it is increasingly used by both professional users and private land allotment owners.

If you choose our straw pellets as an eco-friendly cover against weeds in your garden, you should apply them as follows:

  • carefully remove all existing weeds;
  • level the soil surface;
  • spread five kilograms of pellets per square metre. Be careful not to use too much to cover the soil in the garden. The product has a huge absorption capacity.
  • wait until it rains or water artificially;
  • straw pellet gradually swells, forming a layer from three to four centimeters thick;
  • after the first adjustment, before the shell is formed, use a rake to distribute it better

Depending on soil and weather conditions, the layer should last from twelve to eighteen months, after which it will be necessary to add new pellets.

Once the pellets dry, a crust will form, making it much more difficult for weeds to grow. Seeds brought by the wind can settle on the top layer, but due to the airy structure of the bottom layer, the roots have little adhesion and are easy to remove. This makes plantation care easier and less time-consuming. That’s why our anti-weed substrate is an ideal, eco-friendly solution for fighting weeds in your garden.

All our products are 100% natural and safe for plants and the environment.

Photos from the implementation


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